Inloggen op Mijn Belastingdienst

Belastingdienst Netherlands, a part of Finance Ministry, deals with all kinds of activities related to tax, particularly surcharges and amassing taxes on behalf of the Government. It comes up with customs, which is generally liable for examining the export, import and shipment of goods all the way through the Netherlands, surcharges (Toeslagen), which is particularly accountable for the imbursement of income-allied gains.

Under the Belastingdienst, the premier official is the Director General who supervises all the taxation process. More than 30,000 people are engaged with the Belastingdienst in Netherlands. Most of them work at the regional tax with about 800 people working in each region.

Role of elevates taxes and premiums, and tests out the assertions of residents and companies. It helps collecting taxes from people resided in Netherlands for the benefits of the citizens of Netherlands that include safety, education, social security, highways, health, railways and much more, and all these they carry out in support of the Netherlands Government. It makes sure that everyone pays tax conforming to the rules. The tax authorities get prepared with all the answers to all your queries related to your tax return. For instance, you can telephone Tax Information Line if you have queries of any kinds. Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (FIOD) takes care of and take necessary steps against tax evasion and fraud.

How-To: Belastingdienst Inloggen

  • Requirements
    1. A computer with internet connection
    2. Minimal versions of software: Windows XP SP3 with IE 6 or Google Chrome, Mac OS 10.5.5, Firefox 3.5.9 and Opera 10.
    3. DigiD Username and Password for Tax / Fees
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Open Belastingdienst official site (related link 1 below)
    2. On the right side of the page below search box a link will appear with title ‘Inloggen op Mijn toeslagen’ or ‘Inloggen voor ondernemers’, select yours.
    3. To Belastingdienst/Toeslagen inloggen with your DigiD, click DigiD link. On next page, writer your username, password and click on ‘Inloggen’ button.
    4. ‘I forgot my username and password’ link will help to recover it, which is obtainable below inloggen button.
    5. Dial phone number 0800-0543 (free), if you have a question about taxes.

Belastingdienst inloggen gets a hold of some of the most significant taxes involving the income tax, the value added tax, the corporate tax, inheritance tax, property tax, gambling tax, gift tax and much more. Some are described in brief in the following.

Income Tax

The Netherlands comprises a progressive and advanced tax rate to a certain extent. In the earlier period, the maximum revenue collection in the Netherlands was 72%, but in the year 1990, it was distorted to 60% and in 2001, it turned out to be 52%.

Value added Tax

It covers two broad categories. One is Foods and Essentials and the other one constitute the Non-foods and Luxuries. These two categories turn up with rates of 6% and 21% correspondingly, whereas the non-foods and luxuries rate was augmented from 19% to 21% in 2012.

Property Tax

Municipality claims property tax or land value tax annually and the monetary funds collected out of this, is utilized to maintain and take care of infrastructure of the regions all across Netherlands that includes roads, water cleaning, water-level management, waste management and so on.

Wealth Tax

Possessions such as shares, savings, houses etc. more than Euro 20,315 are understood to have a yearly 4% acquiesce, which is levied at 30%, in spite of the definite twelve-monthly yield attained.

Therefore, from the preceding discussion, it is comprehensible enough that every year Belastingdienst manages over tens of millions of Netherlands fees, customs controls and returns. It experiences enormous quantities of data and transactions, which needs 24 hours a day operation for its effective functioning so that it can help the citizens and businesses to get the utmost satisfaction.

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